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What is Tweetalist?

Tweetalist is the only Twitter App that analyzes Twitter's public lists to help you find out who the most influential people on Twitter really are.

Tweetalist can help reveal surprising insights about Twitter influence. For example, would you ever guess that with two million followers and 28,000 listings, Al Gore is less influential than Guy Kawasaki, who is followed by only 400,000 people and 32,000 lists? With Tweetalist, you can get instant analysis of the most popular people on Twitter.

Twitter is a messy, complicated place. We created Tweetalist to help make things more understandable.

Want to know more about why we created Tweetalist, and how it works? Read more in About Tweetalist.

What is a Twitter list?

In 2009, Twitter introduced a new feature that allowed Twitter users to create lists to categorize and follow specific groups of people on Twitter. Influential Twitterers like Pete Cashmore are followed by hundreds of thousands of lists. Tweetalist exists to help you make sense of it all.

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CiV Digital

CiV Digital is an award-winning interactive agency just outside Washington, D.C. In addition to building Twitter Apps like Tweetalist, CiV Digital builds websites and creates powerful marketing campaigns for a wide range of startup, nonprofit, and corporate clients.

Tweetalist is a service which monitors trends in Twitter public lists. Brought to you by the fine folks at CiV Digital.